a cello fantasy

I’ve been feeling a little down. Last time that happened for any noticeable length of time I wrote a marimba piece called, unsurprisingly, “I Don’t Know Why I Feel This Way”. This time it’s a little different, and a little harder for me, but I still had a fit of fantasy-composing. Rarely does writing work for me the way it does in stories. A composer is supposed to have a tremendous feeling, and then communicate it through writing instrumental music – one untarnished feeling. That’s happened to me a total of twice now. This time I wrote a cello fantasy. I didn’t write it in a usual way. I just came up with pitches, and an occasional hint of a rhythm. It’s achingly slow, and sometimes when I go back over it I like the harmonies and the lines, and sometimes I don’t. My next thing will be to go back over it and make the rhythmic patterns work out. I know where the dynamics are, about, but not the rest. I honestly don’t expect to move any of the pitches at all (usually I re-write at least a bit). It’s odd. Still nobody’s realized I’ve got this blog – good and bad, fun for anyone who reads back the whole thing I guess. If Marcus Johnson sees it, he’ll realize that I’ve written him a birthday present. We’ll see what happens. 

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