Employees Must Wash Haiku

Beyond serious classical music I make a lot of other stuff, most of it very silly. These Three videos are art song settings of haiku written to replace the “Employees Must Wash Hands” signs in the bathrooms of Journeyman. By the way, if you’re anywhere near Boston and haven’t been to Journeyman, go. It’s amazing.










The Song of Newt

Newt Gingrich was in trouble, and he thought releasing this press release would help. It’s so operatic, I had to set it to music. Jason Buckwalter tore it up as he always does, and we were finished mere hours after Stephen Colbert got John Lithgow to read it on his show. Okay, they win, but ours has a Richard Strauss joke.



Actually Happening

I also work on Actually Happening, a current events and history panel game podcast hosted by Victoria Nece. She and I edit it together, and I am one of the team captains. We were briefly the top-rated explicit history podcast on iTunes. We really do earn that explicit tag. If that doesn’t scare you, subscribe on iTunes or check out or latest episodes: