The Stain of Love

Jason Buckwalter HeadshotI wrote The Stain of Love for Jason Buckwalter. Jason is an incredible performer. If you ever have the chance to see him on stage do not pass it up.

These songs set five early poems of William Carlos Williams. I love how Williams starts off in such a simple style, and manages to change it and give you something so surprising.

The first song, Danse Russe, is about the fun of dancing all alone in your house. The second, Portrait of a Lady, is practically sketch comedy. The third, El Hombre, is a small meditation. The fourth, Love Song, opens with spoken poetry, and the first line of singing gives the work its title, “The stain of love is upon the world.” The fifth, Pastoral, considers another strange private moment – hearing almost mystical voices from a group of frogs.

The recording below features Jason Buckwalter singing, Mi-Yeon Han accompanying on piano, Zachary Herchen recording, and me playing the knocks on the piano.


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