Don't stop working, ever.

Sorry for the lack of posting, my life’s gotten a bit ridiculous. I’ve been graduating, moving, looking for a proper day job, etc. Now, although I don’t have the time to be doing this, I wanted to post about the part of my being overworked that is the best: the writing music part. I’m coming in for a landing on Arabian Nights, and it’s been a bit of a ride. Adding musicians, losing musicians, having musicians go to Europe (a surprising number of them did that, really), or having them get attacks of carpal tunnel so I have to re-write their instruments out of the score. For all of that, and the insanely short timescale, I’m loving this job. Unlike most composing, which is about expressing something vague, or an abstract form, writing for a play, and in particular this play, is about getting a very specific job done. If it doesn’t make the audience feel a certain way, or advance the plot in a certain way, all without getting in the way of something, it’s wrong and has to go. It makes my job a good bit easier, and in many ways more fun to have such a clear way of judging what I’ve written. I’m also finishing up a recording session edit on ‘The Stain of Love’ (Jason premiered it wonderfully and the recording session went very, very well), and ramping up for a film shoot of ‘The Seafarer’ in mid-June. It looks like we’re going to be shooting at dawn in a construction site by a river, but our plans keep changing, so honestly, who knows. Hopefully I won’t be gone as long again this time, and my life will return to its normal insanity soon.

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