Working on a play

I’m working as an assistant director/stage manager on my friend Rose’s production of Antigone, which is running at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre in Times Square on December 18, 19 and 20, by the way. Technical theatre seems a weird thing to throw yourself into as a composer, and I had to think about it a fair amount before committing, but commit I did, and I’m really enjoying the work. Since so much of my work is theatrical, to me it seems completely natural. That’s both worrying and encouraging about the wisdom of the decision. Also, as I’m working on Summer’s Twilight, for which the principal challenge is dramatic, I think it will be good to spend time working on a play while I write. On another note, I’m still not writing the way I want to be writing. I think there are a few factors contributing to that. Chief among them is that I really enjoy my job at Meet The Composer, and I often stay late, cutting into my writing time. Also, I’m still trying to get the balance right of how many nights I see concerts, how many I have fun, how many I see my girlfriend, and how many I write. Frankly, I’d expected to have that balance sorted out by now, and to have a regular schedule of writing established. I’ll keep trying to balance everything I do, and see how happy I am with the arrangement at Thanksgiving or Christmas.

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