Good Meeting

Last night I met with Summer’s Twilight director Rose Ginsberg, and a potential scenic designer for the piece. In the short term we’re hoping to develop some concept art to help promote and develop the work for the next phase. Of course, in the long term we’re going to actually have to create a practical set design and then build it, but that’s for later.

It’s always interesting to me getting to collaborate with a different kind of creative person. What will my wacky ideas look like to them? One issue that came up was how to translate the piece’s complex relationship between words and music into something visual. My brain just doesn’t attack problems that way. It just comes back with answers like “well, we could put them on a stage?” and obviously for scenic design you have to do more than that.

Seeing someone else really dig into that problem was really exciting, and I’m looking forward to maybe being able to post some concept art for a full production in the next month or so – we’ll see.

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