Eddie Izzard did this British political ad, a party political for the Labour Party. It’s good. But the ‘making of’ video is totally amazing, and they just made it as a side thing to what they were ‘officially’ doing. It’s more convincing, it’s funnier, and it’s even got the key political slogans. Take a quick look at them down there.

Which do you think worked better?

The contrast between these two videos highlights some really cool things: how quickly you can make a point, the value of a relaxed tone online, the power of ‘behind-the-scenes’ content in service of the main goal, and the danger of looking more professional without actually getting any better.

Right now I’m getting involved with a couple interesting projects that involve making a quick and persuasive connection through online video, and I’m going to keep these in mind to make sure my videos are clear, funny and human. I’ll also watch them several more times, because they’re delightful.

LATE UPDATE: Blog post on a similar subject over at Kickstarter.

Here’s the Party Political:

And here’s the ‘making of’:

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