I’m very excited to announce that I’ve recently joined Thesia Arts as a collaborating producer. Thesia’s a multi-genre fine art production company, and when I found out about them it seemed like the organization had fallen out of my imagination and into the real world.

I’ve been dreaming for a couple of years about putting together a flexible production company that can handle film, theater, concerts, web videos, and even visual art. My idea was, and is, to have a group of artists with strong organizational and leadership skills as well as talent, and all share the production work. Fundraising, budgeting, auditions, stage management, etc. – all of that we can run through one central production company.

We’d get institutional stability, project-by-project flexibility, and the chance to present ourselves as talented artists collaborating on a wide range of projects.

Then, when I submitted The Seafarer to Thesia for a preliminary screening at their first Screen On Me event, I saw that Thesia had had a very similar idea, and had started to make it a reality.

I’m very happy to be joining the company, and I’m looking forward to announcing some of our upcoming projects in this space in the coming weeks.

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