I have a lot of strange side projects. This one, shared with Victoria Nece, has been a while in coming, but now it’s ready. Here’s the explanation on our About page:

Tumblr is full of great single serving blogs. But once you’ve seen ten posts you’re kind of done.

ismynew.tumblr.com to the rescue! We give you just enough of each, like “CRT Needs a hug”, and then move on to the next one.

This tumblr is maintained by Kevin Clark and Victoria Nece, who love your submissions. They also love their podcast, Actually Happening.

Oh yeah, Actually Happening is another side project. Check out the podcast, we just put up episode 7. We were for a while the highest rated explicit-tagged history podcast on iTunes. Talk about dubious honors. But for now, check out ismynew.tumblr.com.

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