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You can now create a project page at New Music USA in order to apply for funding!

It’s easier than a normal grant process – just paste in your marketing materials, link to some media, and make a profile. And if we fund you, we publish your project page and both you and New Music USA can promote your work more effectively. There are more details at our main site – this is just a quick note for my blog.

Simplifying our grant programs for our applicants has been in the works for almost a decade, but the website structure of application-as-content was my addition. New Music USA has committed huge resources to making this happen, and it’s been amazing. Just for me personally, collaborating on something of this scale, and working so closely with a team this smart, this big, and for for this long has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. If I wrote the playbook, New Music USA built the stadium.

I never thought I’d turn into a software product manager, but in truth, I really like doing this. It’s a lot like producing operas, concerts or films with lots of creative people, except this project is going to make life easier for thousands of artists. That really feels good.

Now get off my blog, and go see more of what we’re doing at! Register! Make a project!

I’ll go organize what we’re doing in the next sprint…

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