I have been remiss. Last May I went to a beautiful wedding in Los Angeles, and took advantage of being there to eat a lot of Mexican seafood. The entire nonsensical experience is catalogued in this particular Chowhound thread. The frequent posters were super helpful, so I did my best to photograph and describe everything I got to eat in those two days, including a surprising scandal I uncovered involving one Mexican seafood restaurant stealing a lot of recipes, money, and even a location off another, much better Mexican seafood restaurant.

The best stuff I had was at that better Mexican seafood restaurant, called El Coraloense. Next time you land in LA, pick up the rental car, and drive there immediately. It’s astoundingly good.

Here are my food photos from El Coraloense. Maybe next time I’ll have the presence of mind to geo-tag and instagram and storify them at the end. Maybe not.

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