Hey there sports fans.

Ian Richter is organizing a commissioning consortium for my new saxophone and soprano duet, Finishing The Rose. I wrote about my initial thoughts before Thanksgiving.

I really like the way Ian is structuring the consortium, with very low fees for co-commissioners, and even lower for students. For a composer like me, it’s great to know that your collaborators are so committed to seeing that the piece has legs, and gets multiple performances.

I’ve also just shared the Trello board that I’m using to organize my writing with the co-commissioners. I’ve never used a project management tool like this to organize a composition process before, but I kind of love the idea of being able to share my sketches, research, etc. with the musicians in real time as I work. It’s especially useful to be able to share this way because Ian and Hanna van Rooijen (the vocalist) are both in Europe.

If you’d like to learn more about the consortium, or maybe join it, you can get in touch with me, read what Ian has to say about it, or just contact him.

Now, back to work!

Ian and I were talking about this, and instead of mucking about with commissioning contracts, we set up some Paypal buttons. You can join the consortium from here, and we’ll send you the paperwork afterwards.

Consortium Commission

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