Really, just go buy it.

No, I haven’t bought it myself yet, or played with it at all. I’m planning to take care of that this weekend. I’m not telling you to buy it because it’s awesome. I’m telling you to buy it because I want it to be awesome.

We haven’t had a really good new scoring application for a long time, and we could really use one. Daniel Spreadbury and the team behind Dorico are our best shot at exactly that. So how can we make sure it’s what we all need? We can be active on the forum, make good feature requests, and generally be good community members, but honestly it’s probably much more important that we vote with our wallets.

Dorico is part of a big company, and if we want Steinberg to commit more resources to Dorico, we want Dorico to put up great sales numbers in its first quarter. So even if you don’t want to use it right away, or if you want to wait until its more fully featured to make the switch, buy it now. The more of us do that, the faster it’ll get awesomer.

And honestly, it looks pretty awesome already. A new and sophisticated control interface for both score-as-media-file and score-as-printed-paper? A brand new application built for modern computers? I’ll take it.

What are you waiting for? Go buy it.

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