The Seattle new music community is amazing. I got here in February, and the composers, musicians, and fans here have blown me away with their welcoming attitude, their commitment, and their straight up talent.

This January, I and a bunch of really smart talented committed folks are organizing a one-day new music festival: NUMUS Northwest. It was the brainchild of Shaya Lyon of the Live Music Project, who gathered the rest of us together.

NUMUS Northwest is very explicitly modeled on the New Music Gathering. We got their permission and encouragement and everything! (We’re also totally separate from them structurally; their next event is in May in Bowling Green). James Falzone, the new music chair at Cornish, has been an amazing ally, and is paving the way at Cornish for this to go super smoothly. He’s the man.

It’s been a really fun project to work on, with plenty of shades of Ruckus NYC, what with our plans to have a one day conference & concert for artists hosted at an academic institution and everything. That Kickstarter video is still one of my favorite things. I hear the people at Swiffer have seen it too, and like the garlic joke. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go watch the Kickstarter video).

If you want to host a panel, run a workshop, or perform a piece at NUMUS Northwest, please submit something! We’ve made a super lightweight form (I’m working on it, of course the form is short!), so submitting should be super easy. Go to it.

And a special thanks to Eileen Mack, who’s lent us her code that we use at the New Music Bake Sale to review submissions in Google Sheets. So much awesome scripting!

I’m really excited to see all of you at Cornish in January.

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