Art isn’t a reflection of the culture we want to have, or a commentary on it, or anything secondary. It actually IS the culture. It matters. A lot.

Art can’t save the world by itself, but we can’t save the world without art.

So. Here are some great organizations I’m working with that you can donate to. It’s December, and I’m asking you to put your money where my mouth is:

New Music USA – A great bunch of talented people who are committed to getting lots of artists paid. And we have the greatest grantmaking platform ever built. Not that I’m biased.

CASH Music – Hosting a file is free. Accepting a payment is free. But accepting a payment for a hosted file means you have to pay a company in the middle? CASH Music is changing that. And it’s all open source, built with and for real artists.

The Live Music Project – Classical concerts are just hard to find. And a lot of people feel unwelcome. The LMP solves that problem, and helps you find the concerts you’ll love quickly and easily.

Exapno – A community center for composers in Brooklyn. Get a place to compose quietly, and join a community, for about the price of a gym membership.

Con Vivo Music – Jersey City’s chamber music society is world class. This organization isn’t complicated. It does great work in a place I love, and the people are excellent.

Common Tone Arts – Seattle gets concerts, a summer program for young musicians, and a hell of a lot in between. Help us out.

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