Yes, that’s the same picture of The Sound Ensemble. Jim Holt is a good photographer.

The concert is this Saturday, 7 PM, at the Chapel at the Good Shepherd Center in Wallingford. You should come out and hear it. Here’s the Live Music Project listing with more details.

I went to rehearsal last night for The Burial of the Dead, and the orchestra is sounding really, really good. They understand what I’m doing with the Eliot, and why it makes sense to play it on their instruments with no singer. They’re seeing all the Wagner and Mahler references, and how the ‘modernist’ elements are balancing against them (or, more accurately, battling against them). And they seem genuinely to enjoy the piece, which helps!

It was a fantastic rehearsal, is what I’m saying.

Huge thanks to The Sound Ensemble for taking the piece on, sounding awesome, and just being a joy to work with.

So if you’re around on Saturday in Seattle, come on out to the concert! It’ll be great.

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