I’m moderating a panel at next month’s Seattle Interactive Conference, and I’m very excited about it.

We’re talking about how to build software in 501(c)(3) organizations, how it’s different from building in a for-profit company, and how you can build products that reflect your values through and through.

I’ll be talking about my own experience in the space, as well as that of the panelists, including Shaya Lyon of the Live Music Project (who is building a national concert calendar platform with some amazing volunteer developers), Clyde Ford of the Center for Digital Technology and Society (who is building a tool to help at-risk individuals protect their rights when interacting with police), and Lucy Bernholz, director the Stanford Digital Civil Society Lab and my all around favorite scholar/advocate for issues around tech and nonprofits.

This is a really exciting group of people and experiences, and I’m excited to be playing host.

If you’re able to join us, the registration link is here. And here are the details of the panel:

Mission-Driven Technology: Building Products That Reflect Your Values

3:50PM – 4:40PM

Every business needs to approach technology in a new way, and nonprofits are no different. Hear from leaders in the nonprofit technology space as they share how they’ve married the best of startup practices (agility, lean development, collaborative methods) with the nonprofit backbone (mission, values, governance) to build innovation into their organizations from the ground up. As they discuss the challenges they’ve faced, and how they made their successes possible, you may be inspired to change how your own organization builds software.

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