Watch Cucumbers & Gin with the score

Watching the music with the film

That’s the score to Cucumbers & Gin synced up with the film of our recording session. This way you can see what Sean had to play as he plays it.

This trick works because of Noteflight, a browser-based notation tool. It’s web-based, and that gives you a whole bunch of cool options. You can embed a score on other sites, you can share it with the Noteflight community, and of course you can sync up your score to a video. This feature was released about a month ago, and was designed to replace MIDI playback. For Cucumbers & Gin it adds a lot more than that. Pretty cool, right?

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  1. Awesome composition, and at-least-as-awesome integration of web, audio and video media. I’ve always envied the way you so casually and easily hang out on the cutting/bleeding edge, Kevin – bravo!

  2. As a learning and teaching tool, this is epic! I personally am trying to develop an L.E.D. light invention that would project the name of the chord that is being played for all to see, thus eliminating the need for scores and inviting improvisation on the part of the instrumentalist.

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