Eleanor & Hildegard featured on Catalan Radio

I got a twitter notification a few weeks back. Elionor d’Aquitània i Hildegarda de Bingen? La connexió es va produïr i el compositor @kevinefclark va recollir-la a una de les seves obres https://t.co/4lQ9aUYghb #inspiraciómedieval pic.twitter.com/M2OiufpmvU— SonsEdatMitjana (@SonsEdatMitjana) January 23, 2019 It was a bit of a surprise, but totally wonderful! A Catalan radio station had […]

Video of Eleanor & Hildegard from King FM

When King FM broadcast Eleanor & Hildegard earlier this year, they made an awesome video. The video is only part of the piece, but it gives a great impression not just of the whole work, but also of how awesome Elspeth Davis, Tania Asnes, King FM, and The Sound Ensemble are. (p.s. if you’re in […]

Eleanor and Hildegard premiering on King FM and in concert!

So I was having a beer with Elspeth Davis talking about how much we love The Lion in Winter. She asked me to write a piece about Eleanor of Aquitaine. I thought it would never happen. There isn’t a lot of good text from the period to use, and I’d want to build a character […]