How Non-Profits Can Learn From Tech Startups

There’s a lot non-profits can learn from the tech industry. Of course, when I say that, sometimes people think I mean that non-profits should emulate startups and their culture, complete with the venture capital, the ping pong, and the gender equity issues. Unsurprisingly, that’s not what I mean. For more on the tech sector’s issues […]

Data Adjacent Decision Making

I’ve been talking a fair amount recently about the dangers of “data adjacent decision making.” This happens when you have a lot of numbers, and probably a graph, and you put them next to a decision, and then believe that your decision is based on solid scientific reasoning. I’ve seen this danger crop up in […]

Double Fine Adventure and Kony 2012: The Internet’s Doing New Stuff!

These two things have basically nothing to do with each other, but they’re both pretty stonking powerful examples of things changing for culture on the web. Kony First, Kony 2012. Everyone knows by now that the film is an oversimplification and the charity behind it isn’t super efficient. There are problems. But when All Your […]