Ongoing progress

January is turning out to be very busy indeed. At Meet The Composer we’ve got a lot going on, but it’s a fun and productive month as well as a busy one.

Compositionally it’s quite different from the last few months. Instead of rehearsals and drafts and deadlines and program design, it’s meetings planning the next revisions of Summer’s Twilight, applications to competitions and project development programs, and overseeing the video and audio recordings of the reading from December 5. We should have the performance video from the reading ready to go up here in the next few days. The video came out very well. I’m in the middle of planning what to do next though, so whenever I look at another cut or clip I think “I should change that note”, “this scene is really faster and funnier than this” or “next time we’ll have more rehearsal, a real theater, and some lights” or something like that.

I’ve also been discussing next projects with some other musicians and ensembles, considering new concerts to produce, pieces to write, and even officially starting as a producer of a documentary about an abstract expressionist painter. There’s no explicit connection to music here, it’s just a great project working with my collaborator Michael Feldman. All of that adds up to quite a busy month.

And, since I have a phone meeting coming up in about twenty minutes, I’ll get back to it now.

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