There we are! Right on the front! Cucumbers and Gin made the front page. When a project makes the front page of Kickstarter it’s a huge help to the fundraising effort. The boost comes partly from just the extra traffic that you get on the front page, and partly from the fact that it’s a kind of endorsement from the staff, and having the experts say “this is cool” is just really persuasive. If you’re looking for a way to convince your friends to back this project, today’s the day! I worked really hard to make the project a good experience on Kickstarter’s site, from the video to the rewards to the project description itself, and I’m super excited that more people are going to see the project.

Right now we’re about two thirds of the way there, and with your support (and that of your friends, acquaintances, close family relations, bartenders, baristas, and sworn enemies) we’re sure to meet our goal, and get make a sweet studio recording, and an awesome performance film.

In case you need some more proof, some lasting evidence that Cucumbers and Gin really made the front page, just check out that giant image below this paragraph. It’s a screenshot. And it makes me happy.

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