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I just found out about this community, and I hope it really takes off. It’s full of individual artists and their stories. People are talking about how they’re selling their art, and what they’re finding out. One the one hand it’s really great to read what so many of my colleagues are doing. On the other hand, FREE CASE STUDIES NOM NOM NOM.

*burp*…. excuse me…..

I think a lot about how artists can make the most of their current impoverished but socially connected situation, but I can only test so much myself. I am after all, only one of me. There isn’t great clean data showing large trends on Step 2, and there’s a giant reporting bias problem since nothing that fails is going to get written about, but there’s great stuff going on over there.

This is a chance to learn from each other. Let’s not pass it up.

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  1. Thanks sooooo much for this link. I’m joining up straight away! I’ve been hanging out a bit at, which has been useful but it’s mostly business people there and very few artists, even fewer (um… seems to be just me!) classical musicians. Not to mention horrifically expensive. But Step 2 looks like a brilliant resource. I’ve spent quite a lot of time this year looking into content marketing and related areas, and trying to refine my social media strategy a little, but it can be hard to switch business-focused materials over to work out how they can apply to the arts sometimes!

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