Jason Buckwalter is awesome. He’s a wonderful singer, he’s funny onstage, and he always does a wonderful job with my music. This performance was at the Mount Vernon Music Space in Baltimore, as part of a concert I organized together with Megan Ihnen and Zachary Herchen called “Everybody We Know, Unplugged.” As you might be able to guess from the relaxed title and the white piano(!), it was a relaxed evening. It was also super fun.

I originally wrote The Stain of Love for Jason, and he’s always done a great job with these pieces. This concert was the first time we’d done them together in a while, and for me, it was a thrill to hear how his voice has grown. There are passages I remember him hating, that now he just…. owns. I’m sorry we didn’t get you a better recording, dear internet, but hopefully the on board mic from the camcorder will give you a feel for the live show.

Also, y’know, William Carlos Williams is really lovely, and often hysterical. Enjoy!

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