140623_StockhausenSince moving to Jersey City in 2009, I’ve become more and more involved in the city’s cultural scene, and I’ve been constantly impressed by the warmth, community, and raw talent that our city has to offer.

A while back, Zach Herchen took over as artistic director of Con Vivo Music, Jersey City’s leading classical music organization, and I came onto the board. Con Vivo provides world class chamber music – for free – throughout Jersey City. Con Vivo’s network of musicians is truly awesome, and working with them has been amazing. This fall, there are three fantastic concerts coming up in quick succession.

First is Homegrown, featuring music by some of the many talented composers living and working in Jersey City, including myself. Zach’s busting out my setting out of The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock for solo acting alto saxophone, which I wrote for him almost ten years ago now. The concert is on August 29th, and here’s the facebook event.

Second is Robert Ashley’s Perfect Lives, in collaboration with Varispeed and Art House, two other fantastic arts groups based in Jersey City. The opera will take place at seven locations throughout the city over the course of the day on September 19th. In between acts, you’ll be able to enjoy the All About Downtown street fair, which always has great stuff. Here’s the facebook event for the opera.

And in October is our annual gala, featuring music about the natural world. That concert will take place at the Barrow Mansion, and I’ll probably be reprising my unstoppable Sixth Borough Punch for the occasion.

Con Vivo is doing incredible work this year, and if you can make it to one of our shows, I highly recommend it. If not, you might even consider making a donation.

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