This Thursday I’ll be joined by some of my colleagues from New Music USA to present our platform at the NY Music Tech meetup. I’ll be speaking along with Madeline Bohm and Debbie Milburn, two of our developers, and Sam Reising, who does grantmaking and social media at New Music USA.

We’re presenting our grantmaking technology, and focusing specifically on our new playlists feature. This a really neat feature, allowing new music fans to build and share playlists out of the new music on our site. The trick is that we have embedded media from youtube, vimeo, and soundcloud, as well as self-hosted mp3s uploaded to our site. Our playlist handles all of this in the same way, allowing new music fans to have a single playlist built out of media from all sorts of different sources.

Instead of being built on a single hosting platform, it’s built across platforms tailored to a specific slice of new music. And the core of the content is built right on top of the grantmaking process itself. That is, we’re leveraging the funding process to accomplish meaningful curation for our community. I love doing that.

If you want to hear more about what we’re doing, and all the other projects being presented, come out on Thursday night and join us!

Thursday, October 1, 2015
Gibson New York Showroom
Price: $17.00 /per person
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P.s. If you want to apply for funding through New Music USA, our deadline is coming up at 5 PM on October 1. The process is super simple, so get started.

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