Artists – help gather some data.

I just took this survey, and I think it’s worthwhile to participate. The questions are about income and health insurance, work/life balance, etc.: in other words, stuff that’s really important to artists.

Under ordinary circumstances, I wouldn’t write a full blog post about a survey. But the Mellon Foundation is in a unique position to help actually advocate for change (as well as funding it). Also, the people behind it are smart and committed, and there might be some very cool new work coming out of this research in the next year or so.

But in the meantime – help gather some data.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 10.17.37 AM

edit: Meerenei Shim pointed out that the link was broken for the first few minutes this post was up. It turns out I’d over-cleaned the url of trailing entities. Meerenai is a great new music flutist based in San Francisco in case you want to listen to her work.

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