I’ve been working on this line of research for over a year, and the first publications are out today. Above, we’ve got video of the talk I gave at Seattle Pacific University last month for their Futures of Music Series, hosted by Brian Chin.

And today NewMusicBox has published my first written account of this work as part of our weeklong series on money in music. I’m very glad I had the opportunity to test and refine it so much before publication, and I’m grateful to NewMusicBox for giving me the chance to publish it in this way.

Reading the piece over again, I feel like it gets the basic shape of the argument fairly clearly, but there’s definitely a lot I skipped past in order to get it into an article’s length. Even in an hour-long talk I feel like I have to move really fast.

Thanks especially to all the artists who’ve been part of this work. I’m not doing pure economics here at all; I’m trying to make something useful to artists. So the artists who’ve helped by trying it out have been invaluable – thank you.

I’m not entirely sure where this goes from here, but I know there’s a lot more to do.

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