I’ve been eagerly awaiting Dorico for years. When Avid orphaned Sibelius, the team, led by Daniel Spreadbury, decamped for Steinberg (of Cubase fame), and started building a brand new scoring application from scratch.

I got the chance to interview Daniel for NewMusicBox, and he wrote us some very, very detailed answers, which our composer-readers will I’m sure appreciate.

The field needed a new application years ago, and it’s finally here. I’m especially excited about the way Dorico seems not to have the notion of ‘measures’ baked nearly as deeply into the data format, allowing a lot more flexibility.

Since moving to Seattle with Victoria, who is product manager for After Effects and a few other things at Adobe, I’ve gotten to see more of what it’s like to release big deal commercial software in a creative field, and I gotta say, Daniel Spreadbury is doing an amazing job this week. He’s handled epic comment threads on the announcement posts, a million requests to join a beta program that doesn’t exist (including from me), and is even answering dozens of forum posts on Steinberg’s newly minted pre-release forum for Dorico.

That’s right, dozens of forum posts on a pre-release forum for software that nobody has seen yet.

If you have the chance, buy this man a drink, he deserves one.

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