I’ve been working with the MAP Fund for almost two years, and this week the MAP Fund opened its annual funding round. It’s been a privilege to work with such a talented and dedicated staff on designing a simpler application system and streamlined process.

We chose Submittable as a grantmaking platform. The product came out of literary journal submissions, and has a lot of interesting features built in for application and review, as well as a very friendly data export function for those of us that like to do analysis in our own tools. Their team has been very helpful, and the platform itself rock solid. While not as fully featured or flexible as a custom-built solution maintained by an in-house team, it is probably the right choice for a lot of funders.

If you’re making innovative live performance work, and are pushing the boundaries of your medium or of society as a whole, I strongly recommend you consider applying.

The deadline is October 28, 2016. Get to it.

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