This Rough Magic – Prospero & the marimba

Last weekend Rose Ginsberg (director), Ian Rosenbaum (acting marimba), Victoria Nece (visual effects, including the image for this post that you see on the homepage) and I made this video. Rose and I had been meaning to rehearse and film this piece for a while, and we finally made it happen as part of issue […]

You know what’s going to rock? Ian’s show next week.

The first time I worked with Ian for real was on the reading of Summer’s Twilight a little over two years ago. He played Oberon, and he just tore it up. Since then we’ve hatched a few schemes, and sometimes I bring over sketches of sections I’ve written for Oberon to test with him. And […]

Ian Rosenbaum tries out a monologue

Last night I went over to Ian Rosenbaum’s place, and we went over some of the sketches I’ve got for the new scene 1 of Summer’s Twilight. As usual with a marimba part, you think some things are hard when they’re easy, and you think some things are easy but they’re hard. Sometimes you take […]