Greg JukesGreg Jukes made this new recording on my actual birthday last month – June 6. (By the way, that’s also D-day and the birthday of Tetris.) The piece, Crystal Tresses in the Sky is a short vibraphone solo he commissioned a couple years back. It’s something he can take on the road and perform in a lot of different settings. He’s done it in churches, children’s museums, and on proper recitals as well.

During the piece Greg has to switch from mallets to a bow and then cross hands and then switch back – I wish I had a video of it – it’s really fun to watch. This recording is live, so you can hear the audience move a bit, and it’s more raw than a nicely mixed studio recording would be. Greg has a full studio recording of this and other pieces in the works for the next couple of months, so you can look forward to that recording here as well. For now, have a listen to this one:
Crystal Tresses in the Sky

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