November 15th is the day we launch the Meet The Composer Studio at 92YTribeca. It’s been a long year of hard work. I’ve been learning a ton of new skills, from web marketing to commissioning contracts to nuts-and-bolts web analysis and UI design. I’m really proud of the work everyone has done on this project, and I’m extremely lucky to be managing the whole thing. And on November 15th, you can finally see the real thing!

This project has completely taken over my life, and hasn’t let me do much besides work on it. So you’ll have to wait a little longer to hear how the Summer’s Twilight mime experiment went (hint: it went really, really well), and you’ll have to wait a bit to hear how color treatment is going on The Seafarer film (another hint: also quite well, though slowly since Victoria’s job just ate her life, too). Other stuff in the works includes a short film of Sean-David Cunningham playing the flashy solo piece I wrote for him, Cucumbers and Gin, as well as a couple funny art songs based on haiku written to replace the “employees must wash hands” signs at the new Journeyman restaurant in Somerville, MA.

All of that will have to wait till after November, 15th, though – I’ve got a giant event to produce, a website to launch, and a rather large (and growing) team to coordinate to get it all done. Come out for the launch, and come out to the Three-City Dash concerts in April – It’s gonna be great!

MTC Studio Launch Links:

Meet The Composer Studio
Buy tickets to the Launch here.
The facebook event is here.
MTC’s twitter feed is here.
MTC’s facebook page is here.

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