Peabody’s all over Kickstarter

And that means either that we’re a bunch of clever musicians on the leading edge of the new creative economy, or that we’re all desperately in need of cash. One of those two. It’s great to see so many of my Peabody classmates and collaborators trying something new, and I’m excited to see all of these projects come to life.

These Peabody Kickstarter projects involve a lot of us: Me, Zach Herchen, Sean-David Cunningham, Elisabeth Halliday, Adam Knauss, George Lam, David Smooke, Ruby Fulton, Robert Maril, Bonnie Lander and Michael Straus – who’s in Amsterdam hanging out with robots at the moment.

I’m backing all of these projects, and I hope you do too.


Cucumbers and Gin: Inside a Studio Recording

This is my project, and we’ve beaten our funding goal with over a week to spare. But obviously the more we raise the better the film can be, so give us a final push and we’ll beat $1000!


Emerging Voices Project – music for voice and sax

Zach and Elisabeth are commissioning, premiering, and recording three new works for soprano and saxophone. They project just launched, and they’re kicking off with a fundraiser concert next Sunday in Plymouth, MA. Zach’s going to play my Prufrock setting, and Elisabeth’s singing King Harald’s Saga. Don’t miss it!


Rhymes With Opera: Criminal Intent

Rhymes With Opera does an annual tour bringing unusual theatrical works to unusual spaces. This year they’re touring new pieces by George Lam and David Smooke (who’s doing a great job with his column on newmusicbox). Help them out, and maybe they won’t have to sleep on my couches this year!


MARIE: a virtuosic band of robots made by and for musicians

This one needs very little explanation. Michael Straus is a beast of a new music saxophonist, and now he’s going to be touring with robots. Let’s hope he remembers Asimov’s Laws.

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