Thank you, thank you, thank you to the two dozen or so people (I never got an accurate head count) who performed in the show, filmed it, recorded it, served fantastic cocktails, and yes, carried a disassembled marimba around in travel bags.

We had one hell of a day, starting with loading in and lunch, through last minute rehearsal, tech and soundcheck, forgetting to eat dinner (and then getting fed dinner by OCCUPY WALL STREET who were cooking on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FLOOR FROM US!), through a little over three hours of fantastic music, monologues, spoken word, improvisation, live audio replacement for YouTube videos, triumphant, raucous applause, and then cleaning up and loading out – we were out of by building by 1 AM. For a few of us that was a 15 hour day, and I’ve never loved my job more.

Exapno was PACKED! We got out extra chairs, and filled those, and had people standing behind that. It was incredible.

Stay tuned for YouTube uploads

As promised, we’ll put as much of the show on YouTube as copyright allows. We’ve got to clean up the audio and edit the video a little, but we’ll be getting these videos out to you hopefully at a rate of around one per week.

And oh yeah – if you have photos or videos of the event from your telephone (I know some of you do!) please post ’em in comments or email me – we’ll get a Flickr gallery together or something to go with the youtube videos.

To all of you in the audience who came up to me as we were packing up to say “please do this again soon”, I want to! So badly! We’ve got at least a few months before it happens though, so before then, let me know in comments what you loved, what you hated, what you want more or less of. We can do whatever we want, and if we’re going to put on a great show next time I need to know what you all thought of the dizzying array of performances you saw.

If you’re around Brooklyn today you can go see Zach Herchen perform a reprise of Victoria Cheah’s Strange Loop at Vaudeville Park in Williamsburg, and if you’re looking for the awesomest thing to do tomorrow, go see Sylvana Joyce & The Moment, who closed our show last night, at Webster Hall!

I’ll write more about the show after more coffee and brunch (yes, including the cocktail recipes!), but for now, THANK YOU EVERYONE for making the night a wild, wild success!

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