buy-buttonWe did it again. A horde of talented folks spent 24 solid hours making a magazine. I pushed myself harder than ever for this issue. I masterminded the food for the entire crew, which was, this time, huge.

I was looking for creative satisfaction from the food, but various circumstances pushed me to just be exhausted and weak. It wasn’t like making art, even though at home my cooking feels like art.

I also wrote a fake letter to the editor from Mrs. Trellis of North Wales, complaining about being unable to find the novel I reviewed in the previous issue. This was Victoria Nece‘s joke, and too good to leave out of magazine. Victoria, btw, contributed the first ever piece of software in #24MAG. It involves kumquats.

Issue 4 is the most beautiful yet. I strongly encourage you to read it, and to buy dozens of physical copies.

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