#24MAG issue 4 is done!

We did it again. A horde of talented folks spent 24 solid hours making a magazine. I pushed myself harder than ever for this issue. I masterminded the food for the entire crew, which was, this time, huge. I was looking for creative satisfaction from the food, but various circumstances pushed me to just be […]

This Rough Magic – Prospero & the marimba

Last weekend Rose Ginsberg (director), Ian Rosenbaum (acting marimba), Victoria Nece (visual effects, including the image for this post that you see on the homepage) and I made this video. Rose and I had been meaning to rehearse and film this piece for a while, and we finally made it happen as part of issue […]

I’m almost recovered from Twenty Four Magazine

But not quite. Last Thursday a bunch of us started making a magazine from scratch in twenty-four hours. We didn’t sleep. We invented strange things and threw them together and hoped the turned out. I wrote two songs and an article that made it into the final magazine. It’s actually quite strange to write music […]