AHP_Logo_2011_300DPISketching Summer’s Twilight
7:30 PM – Saturday, May 4, 2013
Art House Productions
Hamilton Square, 1 McWilliams Place
Jersey City, NJ
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Development Reading Time!

It’s time for another development reading of Summer’s Twilight! I’ve made a lot of changes since our last reading. Oberon and Puck have much more fleshed out characters. We open with a dumbshow, as is traditional with Shakespeare, and when our horny teenage couples mime… well, you’ll see. 🙂

We’re opening the evening with a set of other pieces of funny music, and pieces that bush the boundaries of music in theater. As always, I can promise you a really fun evening, and delicious and delectable concessions.

Art House Productions, who are an amazing Jersey City arts organization that do all kinds of amazing things, are presenting/hosting us for this show. I’m so grateful to them for their help, and am super glad to know them. Christine Goodman is an awesome Executive Director who’s a big driving force behind the arts in Jersey City. High-five her if you see her.

I’m really happy to be doing something big in Jersey City. I’ve been trucking over to Brooklyn to work for years, but Jersey City isn’t just a cheap neighborhood with a 15 minute commute anymore. The new restaurants, the new bookshops coming in, and the way we’re bouncing back after Sandy all seem to be telling me that this is the time. Now this area is ready to be something really special. It’s honestly quite exciting, and I’m glad to be some small part of it. Come join us and be part of it, too!

Now – the cast, which includes the cello/marimba duo New Morse Code:

Hannah Collins, Puck/cello
Michael Compitello, Oberon/Puck
Elspeth Davis, Hermia
Rose Ginsberg, director
Mila Henry, piano
Christopher Lyons, Theseus
Robert Maril, Demetrius
Sarah Matteucci, Helena
Shad Olsen, Egeus
Brian Pettey, Lysander

With special guests:
Elisabeth Halliday, soprano
Zachary Herchen, saxophone

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