I’ve known all the musicians of Rhymes With Opera for years. They’re great. They’ve mounted some really creative productions in really interesting places. Right now they’re getting ready for their next show, Book of Gazes, which I’m going to see on May 17 at The Tank in New York. They’re also performing in Baltimore on the 15th and in Philadelphia on the 16th – don’t miss it!

Tomorrow, they’re going to be rehearsing in my living room. I’m pretty pumped – I get to hear bits of the piece before the show, which is awesome. I have a big living room basically so people can rehearse there. Zach Herchen, one of my room-mates, frequently does recording sessions there, and all the rehearsals for my Summer’s Twilight reading in December were there.

I haven’t heard a note of the music, but the composer, Jenny Olivia Johnson, wrote for Rhymes with Opera and also Soul Cannon, a Baltimore based hip hop band. I’ve seen them live, and they rock. I have no idea what these fabulous musicians are going to do in my house tomorrow, but I’m very, very excited. And so are you. Rhymes With Opera look like this:

Rhymes With Opera press photo

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