Rhymes With Opera rocked

That went beautifully. Not that I knew it would. Rhymes With Opera put on a fantastic show last night, and it was just the way I like it. It was a great big party. There was food, there was wine, there was a staggeringly relaxed atmosphere, and there were these amazing musicians onstage playing extremely […]

Poems Without Names- full score

I’ve never done this with a piece before, but I’m doing it now. I finished Poems Without Names last night, and emailed the score off to the performers and the poet, Burton Raffel. I really hope he likes it. What I’m doing is this: Here’s the full score of Poems Without Names Let me know […]

Poems Without Names is written – but not notated

I agreed to write this piece at a party on December 30th. It’s being performed on March 17 by Rhymes With Opera. Rhymes With Opera Salon 7 PM, Saturday March 17 Christ Church United Methodist 520 Park Avenue, New York, NY FREE ADMISSION The salon’s going to be a wonderful event, with lots of musicians […]

I’m digging back into this piece – at 10 PM

Which is, for those of you keeping score at home, bad form. Write in the morning. Use that first burst of energy to do the work you care about most. And by energy I do mean caffeine. Save the bills, chores, Finale entry and associated drudgery for when you’re exhausted, your juices have run out, […]

Peabody’s all over Kickstarter

And that means either that we’re a bunch of clever musicians on the leading edge of the new creative economy, or that we’re all desperately in need of cash. One of those two. It’s great to see so many of my Peabody classmates and collaborators trying something new, and I’m excited to see all of […]

Rhymes with Opera is rehearsing in my house

I’ve known all the musicians of Rhymes With Opera for years. They’re great. They’ve mounted some really creative productions in really interesting places. Right now they’re getting ready for their next show, Book of Gazes, which I’m going to see on May 17 at The Tank in New York. They’re also performing in Baltimore on […]