I just posted an update on Kickstarter about how today is the day. We’re filming, we’re recording, and we’ve got well over half a ton of stuff if you count the people.

Earlier in the week, the forecast said cloudy, rainy and gross. But the sun’s come out, so if our luck holds you can look forward to gorgeous sunset views from 27 stories up in Brooklyn Heights. I’ll be tweeting photos from the set as much as I can at @kevinefclark.

One last bit of bookkeeping before I start my Very Long Day: we’ve got one final cocktail recipe to do. This one’s for my brother, Dennis. I was toying with a hot toddy made with cucumber, gin and miso. I was doing thought experiments with chicken stock. Luckily for all of us I’ve got another idea. I’ll test it out and present the final version after the shoot, but here’s a preview: grapefruit supremes and black pepper gin, all based on a tequila shooter.

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