To Sean for his performance, to Zach for his recording, to Alan, Mike, Kate, Gill, Dave and Ben, our fantastically talented crew, to Gramps and Maxine for welcoming us into their home with all the gear and the noise and the interruption, and to all our backers on Kickstarter for making the whole thing possible. Thank you.

That shoot was smooth as silk. We were on time, we had a blast, we got the gorgeous shots we wanted, and a we made a killer recording. And something that makes every producer proud, we were out on time. Leaving the shoot, both of these comments came out of professionals with film degrees: “I’ve never left a shoot not hating someone before” and “I was about to apply to law school, but that was a really good shoot”. That’s got to make you feel good.

Now I’ve got one more cocktail recipe, audio editing with Zach, film editing with Mike and Alan, post-production with the illustrious Victoria, liner notes to print, CDs and DVDs to distribue, film festivals to submit to…. the list goes on. Also, next week I’m back to work running a new music funding platform, producing a three concert festival, and helping manage a big merger. So, it’ll be a pretty relaxed week. I tweeted as many photos as I could during the shoot, and I’ve put them in below with their tweets or captions. I can’t wait to see what we got in the real cameras.

One more time: to everyone who helped make this possible, thank you!

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