Fantasy Software inspired by the Future of Music Coalition 2011 Policy Summit

It’s still day 1 at the Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit 2011, and I’m sitting in the conference hall as I write this. Talking to Glenn from ReverbNation, and listening to this morning’s panel on ticketing has me thinking about software. Specifically, I’m thinking about how text analytics (machines that can read and understand […]

Summer’s Twilight video libretto

Earlier this month Rose Ginsberg and I got together a group of actors to workshop some mime sections of Summer’s Twilight. We spent the afternoon trying out different things, working scenes till they gelled, and filming the process to create a kind of video libretto. The filming was as low-key as you can get, just […]

“Making Of” vs. “Actual Thing”

Eddie Izzard did this British political ad, a party political for the Labour Party. It’s good. But the ‘making of’ video is totally amazing, and they just made it as a side thing to what they were ‘officially’ doing. It’s more convincing, it’s funnier, and it’s even got the key political slogans. Take a quick […]

Collaborative revision on Summer’s Twilight

It’s startling how quickly certain ideas are emerging as obviously important in the revisions going forward, and more startling how quickly some solutions are becoming incredibly obvious. It’s turning out that the reading did just what I wanted it to do, which was highlight the areas I needed to fix. One suggestion that’s come up […]

More updates

Hello, infrequently updated blog. Hello, Kevin, how are you? Oh, doing fine, thanks. I’ve been thinking about posting. Good Idea, have a go. Okay, I will, thanks. So. My Midsummer Night’s Dream adaptation, Summer’s Twilight, is coming up for a workshop on December 5th. We’ll have five scenes, running straight through Puck’s line, “Lord what […]