The clock is ticking…..

Thesia Arts, where I'm Collaborating Producer, just launched a Kickstarter campaign for Passchendaele, a play running at this summer's NY International Fringe Festival. There are some great rewards in the project, including tickets to the show and, for the high rollers out there, the chance to be an Executive Producer of the show. Check it [...]

New Recording of Crystal Tresses!

Greg Jukes made this new recording on my actual birthday last month - June 6. (By the way, that's also D-day and the birthday of Tetris.) The piece, Crystal Tresses in the Sky is a short vibraphone solo he commissioned a couple years back. It's something he can take on the road and perform in [...]

Very busy couple of weeks

June 5, the day before my birthday, Mike Feldman and I sat down with Zach Herchen to go over his latest sound design work for Seafarer. It's fantastic. The world of the film was starting to emerge in the last round, but this time he really got into the details, and started to bring mixing [...]

Greg Jukes and a new recording of Crystal Tresses

Today is my birthday, and Greg got me an awesome present. Today he's playing the vibraphone solo I wrote for him, Crystal Tresses in the Sky in Evansville. He commissioned the work a couple years ago, and played a couple times when we were both back at Peabody. He's gotten a bunch better at the [...]

sound design and meeting on Summer’s Twilight scene 1 re-write

Last week saw me stuck sick in bed for a couple days, but also saw two good meetings. The first was with Rose Ginsberg, director and chief brainstorming-buddy for Summer's Twilight. I've finished a significant re-write of the libretto of the first scene, and wanted to bounce it off of Rose before I dug into [...]