For my grandfather

Gramps died. You may have heard about it. It was sudden, but peaceful. Losing him was really hard, but the memorial service and other rituals of mourning did help to handle the grief. Gramps, Wesley A. Clark, designed the first personal computer, and that’s what most people knew about him. If you’re curious about his […]

Cucumbers & Gin Cocktail Round-up

We’re done! We’ve created seven different custom cocktails each featuring cucumbers and gin for awesome our Kickstarter backers. It was harder and more rewarding than I expected. Both ingredients have very distinctive flavors, and coming up with seven different recipes that a) aren’t horrible and b) aren’t identical wasn’t easy. We created a lot of […]

Maxine’s Cucumber Manhattan

This cocktail is for my grandfather, Wesley Clark, and his wife, Maxine Rockoff. Not only are Gramps and Maxine generous backers of Cucumbers and Gin, they’re also welcoming the production into their home. When we shoot on April 2, we’ll be shooting in their lovely apartment with an incredible view of Brooklyn and the harbor. […]