Los Angeles Fishventures

I have been remiss. Last May I went to a beautiful wedding in Los Angeles, and took advantage of being there to eat a lot of Mexican seafood. The entire nonsensical experience is catalogued in this particular Chowhound thread. The frequent posters were super helpful, so I did my best to photograph and describe everything […]

Stock Tips

Rachel Fershleiser once said “If I die, tell the New York Times I liked soup.” Then she made this soup zine with her friend Ami Greko. I think the Times will be able to figure it out on their own. Most of the zine (which you should buy at Housingworks) is made up of recipes, […]

Kir Bourgeois

I didn’t realize until I started writing this post that I might have to worry about the gender of the adjective in the name. I probably screwed it up. Anyway. We know about the kir royale: creme de cassis (made from blackcurrants) and champagne. But we’ve started buying this blackcurrant concentrate/syrup/squash from our favorite local […]

Grapefruit Old Fashioned

I haven’t been blogging a lot of cocktails recently. I apologize. I’ve been distracted by two things. 1) Writing a 20-some minute piece for Rhymes With Opera in two months, and 2) really getting to know the Old-Fashioned. I’m a solid whiskey-drinker, and I like my cocktails, so I suppose it was only a matter […]

Korean Superbowl Chili

This dish has origins basically nowhere. Standing in a Korean market yesterday, my girlfriend said “let’s have chili.” I said okay, and put some garlic sambal and gochu chang in my basket, and here we are. This stuff is awesome. It’s meaty, warm and spicy with a background sweetness that makes it very hard to […]

Gin plays well with vinho verde

I’ve seen a lot of gin and sparkling wine cocktails, frequently balanced with some sugar and bitters. A lot of times there’s the fashionable bitters-soaked sugar cube in the bottom of a glass with gin and then wine on top. You can even go up the price scale for both gin and champagne to show […]