And we’re making a magazine in 24 hours. I’m probably going to write some music to be printed in a magazine, which is pretty exciting. I’m also doing some collaborative philosophy of language, which should be fun.

I want to analyze the concept of “Awesome”. It’s got a technical meaning on the internet these days, and it embraces everything from the most cutting edge science to cat videos. But it really feels like it’s grabbing hold of a single wonderful concept, or property, that motivates people to share, participate, do and make.

Hell, it’s why I’m in a design studio in Brooklyn instead of at my office right now. 🙂

I’ll be watching our hashtag, #24mag, all day for your awesome stuff. Everything you guys put in I’m going to try to make sense of before printing, and I’ll try to figure out a good place (maybe our storify account? I don’t know…) to keep track of everything you guys throw in or anyone else thinks of that needs to be accounted for.

So I’m going be binging on caffeine, writing music, and doing speed philosophy for the next 24 hours. I’m kinda pumped. you should be too. 🙂

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