sound design and meeting on Summer’s Twilight scene 1 re-write

Last week saw me stuck sick in bed for a couple days, but also saw two good meetings. The first was with Rose Ginsberg, director and chief brainstorming-buddy for Summer’s Twilight. I’ve finished a significant re-write of the libretto of the first scene, and wanted to bounce it off of Rose before I dug into […]

“Making Of” vs. “Actual Thing”

Eddie Izzard did this British political ad, a party political for the Labour Party. It’s good. But the ‘making of’ video is totally amazing, and they just made it as a side thing to what they were ‘officially’ doing. It’s more convincing, it’s funnier, and it’s even got the key political slogans. Take a quick […]

Rhymes with Opera is rehearsing in my house

I’ve known all the musicians of Rhymes With Opera for years. They’re great. They’ve mounted some really creative productions in really interesting places. Right now they’re getting ready for their next show, Book of Gazes, which I’m going to see on May 17 at The Tank in New York. They’re also performing in Baltimore on […]

The Seafarer – screening at White Rabbit 2-25

Surprise! Thesia Arts will be screening a nearly-finished version of The Seafarer tomorrow night! The event is a fundraiser with screenings of several new short films by up-and-coming filmmakers, a happy hour, etc. This will be the first public viewing for the piece, so if you want to see how we’ve translated this bit of […]