Cost Disease at Seattle Pacific University

I’m back on the road again. Next week I’ll be giving the next iteration of my talk applying the lessons of Baumol’s Cost Disease to the situation of individual artists. Brian Chin is my host for this instance, and the media team at the university will be filming, so that should be up shortly afterwards. […]

So I have a weird problem with a few artists. Some are authors, some are pop musicians, some are random I-don’t-know-but-sometimes-they-have-a-kickstarter people. I want literally everything they make. I don’t care what it is. Anne Leckie’s sequel to Ancillary Justice is coming out? I want it. The pre-order date is 6 months away? I have […]

RUCKUS NYC is live on Kickstarter!

Which means that yes, I am asking you for money. It’s been about a year and a half, but finally, instead of writing about Kickstarter I am once again using Kickstarter. RUCKUS NYC means a lot to me, and I hope you’ll want to be a part of it. It’s the next step in work […]

Connection Wealth for Artists

So, social connection and money both solve similar coordination problems. And for a couple centuries doing economics meant you could basically ignore the social connection category of wealth, because it was a pain in the ass to analyze and it wasn’t that powerful, really. But now there are a ton more social connections and those […]

Make It Simple? Hire an artist.

People keep talking about the new wisdom for building technology products, from web apps to phones to enterprise software: “Keep it simple. It’s gotta make sense to people.” “Focus on making amazing things instead of a profit.” “Trust your instincts and your talent, and push them.” “Refine and simplify over and over again.” “It can’t […]